How to use picture search like a pro

Picture search is so popular nowadays for online shopping, you can find it on Amazon, Google, Alibaba, etc, it was much fast to find the exact product you are looking for and save time. While it comes to online sourcing, most people use the image search on or Aliexpress, few skilled buyers can use But this article will show you 3 solutions how to use picture search in Chinese version like a pro! (No account required! )

Before Nov. 2021, picture search have to sign up and login in, on Dec. 2021, they updated and now no need to register, just drop a picture in as below. picture search

Step 2 Open the product source check details

Just a few seconds, the results coming out as below. Just pick the one you prefer and click on it, you’ll find the supplier contact info on the product details page.

Picture search results

Step 1 install 阿里巴巴(1688)-B2B手机拿货批发商城

Just search on App Store, please check you download the right one. We post the Chinese name on it, you can use it to search.

1688 mobile

Just click the camera icon on the top right, then you can take a picture or just upload one. The results will show shortly as below.

Upload picture to search
choose one product to view more details

Solution 3. How to use picture search through SupScraper

Step 1 Install Sup Scraper on Chrome

Install the SupScraper extension of Chrome, then login in. SUP Chrome Extension can help you to source products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Myshopify backstage, Aliexpress, DHgate, Taobao, and 1688. We will add more platforms to our sourcing pool soon.

Click the Sup Icon on the right after page loaded, then click on the button “Find Better Price”.

find better price

Then you choose the right picture for search, click the button on the bottom, it will redirect to the results page.

Step 4 Sourcing products through Sup

For those who know a bit Chinese that’s a big advantage, you can sourcing directly with 1688 supplier, otherwise you should find an agent to help. Below is the easiest way to go, just post the request and Sup will reply you soon.

Sourcing from is a China local wholesale website running by Alibaba, its the Chinese version of If your a Pro buyer, you must know that 95% of the products on and is sourcing from, the trader just add their margins and list to Alibaba or Aliexpress.

Hope you find this article helpful. Let us know if we have further to improve! Please leave your sweet suggestions on comments. Thanks for helping us to get better!

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