10 Most Useful Chinese Wholesale Websites

These days, online shopping has been a world trend, as it’s convenient and quick to get your loving products home. When it comes to online wholesale, things go well the same way, which makes importing and exporting much easier and faster.

China, being one of the largest economy in the world, is a wonder land for people doing import and export, especially importing from China. China owns the biggest market and is famous for its wide ranged wholesale markets. As we’ve mentioned online wholesale above, do you know some Chinese wholesale websites? Alibaba can be the first that comes to your mind. Besides Alibaba, there are several Chinese wholesale websites that can help you a lot in importing from China. Here we list 10 most helpful China wholesale websites. And we will introduce these websites according to the following 6 aspects.

  • Business nature of supplier
  • MOQ
  • Contact suppliers
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • Advantage & Disadvantage


When it comes to Chinese wholesale websites, I bet the first one you will think of is Alibaba. Alibaba.com is one of the most popular China wholesale website in China. They sell a wide range of products, including 40 major product categories. You can get almost anything you want. With Alibaba.com, you can easily find reliable suppliers that you desire.

Business nature of suppliersThere are basically two types of suppliers: trade company and manufacturer. Make sure you choose the one you want. For freshmen in business, there is no need to focus too much on it but your products.alibaba.com-business nature
MOQMinimum order can be 1 to 500pcs of your products. Some of suppliers are able to accept small quantity orders. As there are so many suppliers in Alibaba, prices and MOQ varies greatly. Keep the balance of price and quality in mind.alibaba.com-MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere are buttons in the website to contact suppliers. You can also find its contact information, like its phone number, e-mail address or  Wechat that helps you to contact with suppliers. Normally, sending an e-mail or communicating via Wechat is more recommended.alibaba.com-contact suppliers
Payment methodsOne good thing about Alibaba is that it owns a good channel for both buyers and suppliers called Trade Assurance. Normally, they accept payment such as credit cards, Western Union, PayPal and so on. You can see the payment methods that is available on suppliers’ page.alibaba.com-payment methods
Shipping methodsWhen you send a RFQ file to suppliers, shipping plan usually comes with the inquiry. Currently, Alibaba also provides Ocean Shipping Service from China to the US.alibaba.com-delivery
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: The wide range of products available gives buyers so many choices. And the overall environment of Alibaba is quite safe and trustful.DisAd: The large quantity of suppliers will make you dizzy and don’t know how to choose the right suppliers.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★★★


AliExpress is another sub website of Alibaba Group, which offers good seller guarantee. Here you can get the most suitable products at very favorable prices. This wholesale website is a one-stop wholesale website with more than 44 categories of products.

Business nature of suppliersThere are three main types of sellers on AliExpress.com: individuals, trade companies and manufacturers. But large-scale manufacturers usually don’t sell on Aliexpress as they don’t have time for small quantity orders. Thus, on Aliexpress, the most supplier you encounter mainly purchase and wholesale from these large-scale manufacturers and sell them to buyers around the world. /
MOQThere is no minimum order. You can purchase goods at any quantity as small as one./
Contact SuppliersThere are buttons in the website to contact suppliers. You can chat with them online or leave a message. Or you can find their contact like e-mail address or Wechat, which can make your communication more efficient.aliexpress.com-contact method
Payment methodsOn AliExpress, you can pay via bank transfer, WebMoney, West Union, or cards like Visa card and master card./
Shipping methodsThere are quite a lot of ways of shipping offered by AliExpress. Different sellers support different shipping modes. Choose the country you want your goods ship to, and several shipping methods are listed for you, including the cost, delivery time and tracking.aliexpress.com-shipping method
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: AliExpress is more suitable for small orders, with a low prices and shipping costs.DisAd: The shipping services of AliExpress is not that good and the shipping time is longer.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★★


DHgate.com is an early established Chinese wholesale website in 2004, which gives a platform for both Chinese suppliers and global buyers. Though it is established early, it always keeps its pace with times. Many of its functions are updated to meet the demands of buyers. And in this websites, buyers can purchase goods at any quantity they want, instead of concerning about the MOQ.

Business nature of suppliersMost suppliers in DHgate.com are small to medium sized factories and trading companies. /
MOQJust like AliExpress, there is no MOQ for DHgate. But this depends on the suppliers you find. dhgate.com-MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere are two buttons used to contact suppliers. You can choose either to chat online or send suppliers messages. Usually online chat means directly communication with suppliers promptly. Message box may take some time. Usually your message will be answered in 24 hours.dhgate.com-contact suppliers
Payment methodsPaying via Visa card, Mastercard, bank transfer, PayPal and other methods are available.dhgate.com-payment methods
Shipping methodsDHgate also provides various ways of shipping, such as Epacket, China Post, DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx, TNT and so on. You can compare its delivery time, shipping cost and tracking to decide which shipping method is the most economic one.dhgate.com-shipping method
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: DHgate is quite suitable for starters of wholesale or those who focus more on small orders. And this website is trustful. One of its most attractive feature is that it will list some relating products in below, which you can easily compare different suppliers, time-saving and convenient.DisAd: You need to pay more attention to the tracking of your package. If your package is lost in transit, you can apply for a refund or resend the package to suppliers.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★★


Read from its name, you can easily get that this website promotes high quality Made-In-China products. They have a business relationship with top product suppliers in China, which will be a great guarantee of meeting a high quality suppliers. This websites takes in about 27 product categories and 3,600 subcategories.

Business nature of suppliersBasically, the suppliers in Made-In-China.com are factories and large trade companies. made-in-china.com-business nature
MOQHigh order quantity is required. Usually the minimum quantity can be hundreds of pcs.made-in-china.com-MOQ
Contact SuppliersTo contact suppliers, you can either send an inquiry online and chat with them online through Trade Messenger.made-in-china.com-contact suppliers
Payment methodsSuppliers in Made-In-China accept payment methods such as L/C, T/T, D/P, West Union, Paypal and etc..made-in-china.com-payment methods
Shipping methodsThree main ways of shipping are air freight, sea freight and express. You can choose either one of these based on your order and budget./
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: Made-In-China provides buyers with a variety of high quality products, comparing with other Chinese wholesale markets. And your purchase in this website is surely safe.DisAd: Small orders are not available in this websites, which is not nice for small-sized companies.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★


Global Sources is much like Made-In-China.com, providing a wonderful wholesale platform for Chinese suppliers and global buyers. There are a variety of products sell in this websites. You can wholesale for any products on it.

global sources.com
global sources.com
Business nature of suppliersGenerally, most suppliers in Global Sources are large manufacturers and trade companies.global sources.com-business natuer
MOQMOQ is mainly determined by the products. And the minimum quantity varies from 1 pc to thousands of pcs.global sources.com-MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere are two ways: Inquiry Now & Online Chat.global sources.com-contact suppliers
Payment methodsThis website mostly provides payment methods of T/T. You can also communicate with suppliers to negotiate about payment methods.global sources.com-payment
Shipping methodsShipping methods depend on your products and your budget./
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: Global Sources is friendly to users and provides you with information about trade shows and exhibitions.DisAd: It’s hard for small companies to join the platform.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★


Chinagoods.com is the official website of Yiwu market. Chinagoods platform is developed and operated by Yiwu China Commodities City, serving 2 million small and micro enterprises in the upstream of the industrial chain with the resource of 75,000 physical shops in Yiwu International Trade Market.

Business nature of suppliersGenerally, most suppliers in Chinagoods.com are small and micro enterprises./
MOQMOQ is mainly determined by the products. And the minimum quantity varies from 1 pc to thousands of pcs.chinagoods.com--MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere are two ways: On the product page, you can directly contact supplier on Chat Now or Send Inquiry. Another way is to go to the supplier’s shop. There you can find more information about the supplier, like the phone number, e-mail address and so on. And you can even add the supplier’s WeChat through QR code.chinagoods.com--contact supplier
chinagoods.com--contact supplier-2
Payment methodsOn this website, you can’t really buy something. It’s more like a platform for communication with suppliers and product promotion./
Shipping methodsShipping methods are not listed on the website. But you can communicate with the supplier about shipment./
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: On this website, you can find a quite comprehensive category of all products. And the way to contact suppliers is very convenient. It also provides you with lives about products and factory outlets.DisAd: The platform is still working on some of its functions, like payment and shipping methods are not available on-site.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★


Sup Dropshipping is a China based dropshipping wholesale websites from China. It covers a full catalog of products and specially they have an amazing function, they can sourcing directly from local Chinese website like 1688.com. It also provide a one-stop drop shipping service. And it auto integrates with all mainstream platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, Wish, AliExpress, etc.

Sup Dropshipping
Business nature of suppliersSup Dropshipping is suitable for all sizes of suppliers and buyers, especially for small size suppliers to start with low investment./
MOQIts MOQ is depends on buyers negotiation with the sellers. There is no specific limits for MOQ.Most of them start from one piece
Contact SuppliersThere is button on the website to contact suppliers.No, you have to contact Sup to help you sourcing from source supplier
Payment methodsIt accepts payment through PayPal, Wire Transfer and SUP Wallet./
Shipping methodsThere are three shipping methods: Epack, express, air shipping and sea shipping.
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: Sup Dropshipping provides buyers with a quite comprehensive category of products and caters to worldwide suppliers and buyers.DisAd: Some of its functions need to be improved. For starters, their customer service department need improving.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★


Chinavasion.com is a platform with premium quality products of different prices. And this website is best for electronics and gadgets. If you are looking for products of this kind, you can miss this one.

Business nature of suppliersMost of suppliers in this platform are manufacturers and trade companies. But it’s quite hard to tell./
MOQThere is no minimum order requirement.chinavasion.com-MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere is no button here to contact with suppliers./
Payment methodsPayPal, Visa card, Mastercard and other payment methods are available.chinavasion.com-payment methods
Shipping methodsMostly it provides express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS and etc.chinavasion.com-shipping methods
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: It’s quite friendly to small orders. And it provides a secure payment structure.DisAd: There is no way to contact suppliers, which needs improving. And its shipping methods are not so well for large orders.

Recommendation Rate: ★★


YiwuGo.com mainly covers all products from Yiwu International Trade Market and other professional market in Yiwu, including more than 3 million products. You can find almost everything in this website.

Business nature of suppliersMost suppliers are from Yiwu International Trade Market and have a real factory./
MOQSome MOQ are directly showed in the page. For some products, the prices are negotiable and need to contact suppliers for details.YiwuGo.com-MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere are buttons to send message to suppliers. There are also phone numbers and the real booth address of suppliers. You can either call them or come to the spot yourself.YiwuGo.com-contact suppliers
Payment methodsPayment methods are negotiable and depend on the convenience of both suppliers and buyers./
Shipping methodsIt’s almost the same as Alibaba./
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: The variety of products give you sufficient choices.DisAd: The optimization list is not very good. And sometimes suppliers won’t answer your inquiry in time.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★


Banggood is a n online Chinese wholesale website, dealing with a variety of Chinese products at very competitive prices. Starting with electronics, they have expanded to other products, including clothing and apparel, home and garden, mobile phones and accessories, sports and outdoor and so on.

Business nature of suppliersIt is a platform for multiple suppliers in all sizes./
MOQIts MOQ is more based on the products’ price, as it is required to order products worth at least $39.99.banggood-MOQ
Contact SuppliersThere is no button here to contact suppliers on this website./
Payment methodsThere are multiple choices to pay for your products. It accepts payment through PayPal, Credit card or Debit card, Boleto, Webmoney and other payment methods.banggood.com-payment methods
Shipping methodsIt offers various shipping methods, including Banggood Express, Express Shipping, Standard Mail Register, USA Priority Mail, Ocean Shipping and Air Parcel Register. You can choose the shipping methods according to your budget and shipping period.banggood-shipping methods
Advantages & DisadvantagesAd: One of its biggest feature is that is provides a quick 7-day delivery within the USA. And it provides a 3-day guarantee period for buyer protection as well. Another is that buyers would get deeper discounts, which is quite attractive.DisAd: Some of its products comes out to be in poor quality. And there is no button to contact suppliers which is not that convenient.

Recommendation Rate: ★★★


With the listing Chinese wholesale websites, hope it can help you with your importing business from China. Anyway, be cautious when doing business online and be careful not to get cheated.

If you have any questions or need assistance with importing from China, feel free to contact us. And leave a comment and let us know if we have further to improve.

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