Exhibitions Held in Yiwu Increased by 32% in the First Half of 2021

“In the three-day exhibition, hundreds of WeChat were added. And there was also a thick stack of business cards received. The intended order was more than 3 million yuan, and the exhibition effect exceeded expectations. ” Recently, Ding Lihui, general manager of Chaozhou WeiYakang Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., who participated in the 2021 Zhongjiang Yiwu diversified Department Store exhibition, happily said with a stack of orders that the effect of negotiation with customers is excellent. Later, he will consider setting up a distribution center in Yiwu to expand the business radiation further.

It is reported that 752 enterprises from 24 provinces and cities (districts) participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of about 32000 square meters, four pavilions, and 1530 standard booths. More than 33400 people visited the show in three days, with a total turnover of 534 million yuan, attracting merchants from the exhibition and the market to return quickly and driving the order rate of buyers in Yiwu.

It is reported that hundreds of exhibitions are held in Yiwu every year. In fact, on March 13 this year, with the successful holding of the simulation flower show, Yiwu has officially entered the exhibition season, which is of wind vane significance to boost the exhibition economy and stimulate consumption. A set of data can prove that the city held 116 various exhibition activities from January to June, a year-on-year increase of 32%. Among them, 17 commercial exhibitions were held, with an exhibition area of 337900 square meters, 5457 exhibitors, 15668 standard booths, and 438000 buyers.

“We are the ‘new army’ of Yiwu exhibition industry, and the Department Store exhibition has been listed as the key recommended exhibition projects in Yiwu.” The person in charge of Yiwu Zhongjiang Exhibition Co., Ltd. said that the Yiwu market opened ahead of schedule this year, gathering much purchasing popularity at home and abroad. The first-class business environment and global logistics network have made many enterprises recognize the exhibition’s effectiveness and reputation. The exhibition area has been expanded from two exhibition halls in the early stage to four exhibition halls, and the booth reservation depends on “grabbing.”

At the same time, this year’s exhibition is also closely linked with the market. During the fourth China (Yiwu) wedding supplies fair and spring frame painting exhibition in 2021, nearly 6000 decorative painting purchasers were brought to the painting industry market on the fifth floor of phase III of the international trade city. The three-day turnover of the painting industry block was nearly 50 million yuan, and the orders of exhibitors continued. Among them, the turnover of Wang Bin photo frame and Yingke environmental protection exceeded 5 million yuan, Guangzhou DianYi, Shandong Zihan, and Hebei Huafeng exceeded 2 million yuan, and more than 30 enterprises with a turnover of more than 1 million yuan.

This year, the Yiwu exhibition industry actively promoted the digital reform of the exhibition, and digital empowerment has dramatically improved the exhibition hall operation, data control, technology application, and enterprise digital value-added services. With the successful holding of various exhibitions, it is of great significance to introduce and cultivate exhibition activities, promote negotiation and transaction, explore the market and stimulate consumption. It is reported that the stationery and gift exhibition took the initiative to provide buyers with more than 14000 hotel rooms, 8000 department stores, and 2000 frame painting exhibitions, further activating the industries of trade, tourism, hotel, transportation, and finance.

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