If to Import from 1688 to Indonesia, How?

South Asia has been a tremendous marketplace for importing and exporting. Indonesia, a South Asian country, which is famed as the world largest Archipelago, takes a great share in the market. The large market place creates tremendous business opportunities.

At the same time, 1688 is one of the largest Chinese wholesale websites, where there are numerous products of all categories. If you are to import from China to Indonesia, 1688 is no doubt a helpful tool. And the problem is how? This article will show you how.

There is no “1688 versi Indonesia”!

Before we go deep into importing from 1688 to Indonesia, we need to claim that there is no such thing as “1688 versi Indonesia“. There is only Chinese version of 1688. If there is any other 1688 in all other languages, they are cheating websites. So, be smart and don’t get scammed.

3 Ways to Import from 1688 to Indonesia

#1 Use Translation Tools

The easiest way to use 1688 is to make it translated to your language. You can simple use the automatically translation tools in your browse and translate it into your language, like the picture showed down below. Make sure you know your language name in Chinese, which can be really helpful.

In this way, all pages are translated into your familiar languages. And to take further actions with 1688, you can refer to another article in our site: How to do inquiry on 1688.com?

  • Advantage: You can do it all by yourself and see clearly what the products are and how they price them.
  • Disadvantage: One problem with this method is that the translation may not be very accurate. And the price are still CNY, which means you need to do the math when calculating the costs. Moreover, translation tools are not so convenient to operate when you are chatting with suppliers and need to reply in time.

#2 Use Alibaba Instead of 1688

Alibaba is an international version of 1688 and more. Most functions are more mature and convenient on Alibaba. What’s more, suppliers on 1688 also use Alibaba. In other words, you may be dealing with the same suppliers on both Alibaba and 1688.

Another advantage of Alibaba is its shipping. Alibaba is able to ship to all countries and regions around the globe. While 1688 only offers domestic logistic in China. If you want to buy something from it, you will need to communicate with the supplier and have the supplier arrange the shipment to your country, which is quite complicated.

Therefore, if to use 1688, some will recommend Alibaba to you instead.

#3 Use Sup Dropshipping to help import from 1688

Sup Dropshipping is a newly emerged dropshipping website. It provides wonderful dropshipping services that most wholesale websites do. Its most attracting service is that it gives you opportunity to import from 1688 in a much easier way.

All you need is a web link of the product you want on 1688. And then copy and paste the link and click on “Import Product”. All you want is in English version, including the price. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the translation. This is so amazing and saves a lot of time.

With its worldwide warehouses and humanized custom services, Sup Dropshipping is rather a good help when to import from 1688 to Indonesia.

Hope this article help with your importing from 1688 to Indonesia. Leave us a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. We are ready to get better. Thanks for supporting.

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