Logistic (Express, Air, Sea)

You almost finish the whole import from China process. The last step is shipping.If you import form China by yourself, you need to find a professional freight forwarder. And you will be involved in trading terms, certificates, calculating shipping costs, choosing shipping methods… It is really a big headache.However, there is no such troubles with the MySourcify’s Shipping Service.

Your agent will help calculate all cost for sending products to your address or Amazon warehouses. Let you know the cost and delivery time for different shipping methods like express, sea fright and air freight.

Not only give you suggestion for shipping methods, your agent will also help prepare all documents for import & export, let you know what compliance certification you will need for custom clearance.As we are shipping out tons of products every day, we can always help you get very low shipping rate, to help you save money on logistic.If you have more questions about shipping from China, get an agent from MySourcify’s to help you right now.

Need Products From China?

Is the price too high? Quality problem? No experience! Your personal agent will help you get the best price and support the whole importing process. Just fill out the form, we assign you an agent shortly. (lt’s free)