Quality Inspection (Free).

The best way to ensure the same quality as required is to hire a QC. But the cost to hire a third-party inspection company is about $200 each time. If there is any problem, you have to negotiate with the manufacturer yourself and pay for the second or even third inspection.But MySourcify offers inspection service. We help you collect goods to our warehouse and do the inspection.We will send you inspection feedback and negotiate with the manufacturer if the problem occurs. If you still have uncertainties, we even provide “one by one inspecting” service.

Our quality guys will check every product to reduce the defective rate to ZERO. We can also inspect quality directly in the factory.

No matter you are importing by yourself or by MySourcify, it’s always better to solve a quality problem before the shipment, rather than having defective products in hand.

Need Products From China?

Is the price too high? Quality problem? No experience! Your personal agent will help you get the best price and support the whole importing process. Just fill out the form, we assign you an agent shortly. (lt’s free)