How Mysourcify Help You Import From China?

– Step 3. Production Follow-up (Start from 5%)

Production Follow-up (Start from 5%)

Now we are coming to the most painful part: production. It usually takes a few weeks and even months which can be very exhausting to follow up and supervise by yourself as you are far away in your own country.And you don’t want to have any “surprises.” For example, when it’s close to the delivery date, imagine the manufacturer informs you they can’t finish on time or there’s a quality issue to fix. What a big headache! These can easily mess up your sales schedule, and you might miss the best selling season. Instead, with MySourcify, your assigned agent will closely follow up on production at all times and update you with the latest feedback during the different production procedures.If a problem occurs, your personal agent will coordinate with the manufacturer right away, and come up with a best solution in advance, ensuring your products will be finished, as required, on time. Our production follow-up service will save you time, energy, and money.

For anyone who used our Production Follow-up service, you will get all following services for free:

1. Quality Inspection:

We help you check the quality of the goods in our warehouse for free and ensure that all quality problems are resolved before leave China.

2. Shipping Arrangement: 

Your agent help you arrange shipment from China all the way to your address (or Amazon), and handle all import & export process. As we are shipping out tons products everyday, you can always get low shipping cost, no matter it’s sent by express, sea freight or air freight.

3. Free warehousing in China:

You can use our warehouse in China 2 moths for free. Thus you have enough time to consolidate more products to ship together for saving shipping cost.

4. Translation (Interpretor for EN, ES, FR, RU) :

We offer  free interpreter service for Yiwu Market Guide, EN, FR, ES, RU languages available, just click above button and reserve in advance.

5. Product Photography:

You will get 5 white background product photos for free, and you can upload to Amazon or Ebay immediately. Thus you don’t need to find any photographers, paying $50 or $100 for sample shipping and their service.

Need Products From China?

Is the price too high? Quality problem? No experience! Your personal agent will help you get the best price and support the whole importing process. Just fill out the form, we assign you an agent shortly. (lt’s free)