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Complete Guide on How Agents Help with Amazon FBA Sellers


These days, Amazon seller and Amazon FBA have been a heated trend. Under the epidemic of COVID-19, more and more people choose to be an Amazon seller. And FBA stands for "Fulfillment by Amazon", which means Amazon looks after all of the seller's stock. In this way, sellers just have to source profitable products and ship them to FBA warehouse. Then Amazon would take care of the rest, like product delivery to customers and other customer services. In this article, we are not telling you how to start being an Amazon FBA seller, but how agent companies help with Amazon [...]

Complete Guide on How Agents Help with Amazon FBA Sellers2020-09-25T11:26:21+08:00

The Secret of Fake Sneakers Workshop Capital —- Putian


Everyone who has bought shoes at online stores must have done these things: After receiving the shoes, the first thing is to smell it. Well, no bad smell is detected. Then compare every detail of the shoes you’ve received with that on its official website, including its logo, embroidery, and alignment. You would probably be sure that it’s 100% authentic. However, it is probably a pair of brand shoes made in Putian. You may not even know where Putian is, but you must have heard of fake sneakers from Putian. How did Putian become the capital of fake sneakers [...]

The Secret of Fake Sneakers Workshop Capital —- Putian2020-12-18T14:37:22+08:00

Top 5 Profitable Products in the Early Half of 2020


What's the most important thing of doing business? It's not how you go through all the business process, but how you keep up with the business trend and seize every coming business opportunity. With so many products overwhelmed in the market, what products are the most profitable? Here we list 5 most profitable products for e-commerce on Amazon, Shopify in the early half of year 2020, some of them tripled in turnover. Top 1 Pet Products Pets have been always been part of our life. And nowadays, almost everyone would keep a pet at home. This trend directly [...]

Top 5 Profitable Products in the Early Half of 20202020-07-30T15:36:28+08:00

How to Register an Alipay Account Outside China


Online payment is becoming so important, especially in China. Almost everyone in China use online payment instead of cash or cards. To register an Alipay account is simple. But this article will show you how to register an Alipay account without a Chinese bank card or band account. 1. How to register an Alipay account outside China? Step 1 Preparation Download an Alipay on your App Store Choose a language Step 2 Register an account Choose the country or region you're living in Enter your mobile [...]

How to Register an Alipay Account Outside China2020-12-18T14:34:53+08:00

Suppliers Research & Assessment-Importing from China Course Step 2 (2021)


Introduction When you’re done with the product specification sheet, you would have a couple of suppliers in your list. Then the problem would be assessing these suppliers and select out one or two feasible ones for final cooperation. Therefore, this whole part is about how to research and assess suppliers. Sourcing supplier step-by-step guide Steps How 1.Collect supplier resources Want to import from China, you should find the right supplier, check the guide below how to locate a supplier. 2.Send RFQ to suppliers This step is to send a request email with RFQ to [...]

Suppliers Research & Assessment-Importing from China Course Step 2 (2021)2020-12-11T10:47:18+08:00

How to Source Products in Yiwu Market: 2021 Ultimate Guide


About sourcing from China, I believe the most familiar way for some experienced dealers is to search suppliers on Alibaba, Google or other websites, or to personally join some exhibitions like Canton Fair and East China Fair in China. We strongly recommend that you come to Yiwu market. If you’ve been to the Canton Fair, you will have a general impression about Yiwu market. There are 25,000 suppliers in the Canton Fair, while there are 75,000 and more in Yiwu market, which is basically equivalent to a never-ending Canton Fair. Of course, this article contains many things you want [...]

How to Source Products in Yiwu Market: 2021 Ultimate Guide2020-12-24T17:21:39+08:00

Direct Flight Between Yiwu and Macao Is Launching on January 19


From Zhejiang to Macao, another "air corridor" has been added. Macao airlines announced that it would open a new route between Yiwu and Macao on January 19, with three flights a week. Under the epidemic, safety measures for travel to Macao have been upgraded. According to the current entry-exit regulations and measures, passengers can board the flight by presenting a valid negative certificate of COVID-19 nucleic acid test within seven days when checking in. There is no isolation when it is a round trip. As early as September 23, the entry-exit administration has resumed processing the travel endorsements for [...]

Direct Flight Between Yiwu and Macao Is Launching on January 192021-01-16T16:43:16+08:00

Sourcing Products in Markets in Guangzhou–Complete Guide


Guangzhou, well-known for its wide range of professional wholesale markets. There are about 1000 wholesale markets, which covers more than 40 types of commodities. In this article, we've listed some large scale of wholesale markets in categories of textile fabrics, clothes, wedding dress, bags, shoes, office products, watch, auto parts, hardware and decoration materials. You can go to categories as you like following the guide. Textile Fabrics Clothes Wedding Dress Bags Shoes Office Products Watch Auto Parts Hardware #1 Textile Fabrics If you want [...]

Sourcing Products in Markets in Guangzhou–Complete Guide2020-12-31T17:22:28+08:00

Yiwu Market-“Christmas Village” in the World


The most famous place in Yiwu is the Yiwu Market ,  known as World's "Christmas Village". There are more than 600 Christmas factories in Yiwu. Beth is the owner of a farm in Pennsylvania in the USA, where she planted tens of thousands of Douglas fir-trees. About Christmas village in the World, Yiwu, China, Documentary by Kladen kovačević Chapter 1: "Christmas Village" in the world It's been a cold winter this year, with snow flurries in the windows of Macy's in the USA and fantastic decorations in red and green, decorating the [...]

Yiwu Market-“Christmas Village” in the World2020-12-30T15:55:44+08:00
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